About Us

Long before recycling was cool, JoAnne W. opened The Echo Shop in March of 1968 in a tiny 10 x 12 foot space at London Square. For the first 20 years, every item was handwritten on each tag and logged in a ledger, every sale was then recorded by hand, and the money was kept in a cigar box!  Over the years, a loyal following of both consignors and customers quickly outpaced the ‘man’power, so in 1988 the founder’s son and his wife purchased Echo Shop, moved it one block to London South, and computerized everything as sales thankfully continued to grow.  They opened Echo Man 2 years later in 1990.

Today, the Echo Shop and Echo Man together embrace 7500 square feet of high-end fashions, with 9 computer stations and over 42,000 satisfied consignors, as well as an untold number of happy, excited customers.

As a guest in our store, we welcome you as part of the Echo family! At the Echo Shops, we believe that everyone should be able to get the most out of their money…which holds true for both our consignors with their keen eye for quality, as well as our shoppers who love the thrill of the find and enjoy the benefits of good value.   The Echo Shops have something for everyone, from the cost-conscious to the fashionista.  We invite you to shop us soon so that you, too, will discover the fantastic finds of upscale resale!